As developers create products that meet the new and
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and dreams for the future of the people living.

Web development

It is to program web applications used on the World Wide Web and develop web software.
In addition, we call people who do this work as
Web programmers, Web engineers, Web developers, and Web developers.

Data analyst

A data analyst is an engineer who is active in the field
of analysis. ... Consulting data analysts work in marketing companies and consulting firms, etc.
In order to solve the problems and troubles faced by companies, proceed with data analysis and propose concrete solutions It has become a job.

Database administrator

DBA is a person or a job type who creates databases,
maintains, operates, or deletes databases by operating DBMS (database management system). Database administrator. We introduce databases in the system, adjust the settings so that we can achieve appropriate performance, back up regular data and recover from failures, and control access to data so that confidential data will not leak .

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